What can Graphic Recording do for you?
Graphic recording involves recording words and images shared at your conference or event on a large piece of chart paper in real time.
Graphic recording is the perfect way to reach those who consider themselves visual learners--which is the majority of people.
Graphic recording helps facilitate meetings, creates mind maps, records speakers, enhances planning sessions, improves trainings and lots more!
Terry LaBan
Terry LaBan has been a professional cartoonist for over two decades, creating comic books, political cartoons and the nationally syndicated comic strip "Edge City." Now he's using the skills he's developed to help businesses and individuals tell their stories in unique and creative ways

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“The visuals Terry created at our MontCo Anti-Hunger Conference were so vibrant and compelling. Terry really captured the essence of our discussions. We will be referencing his creation in our planning for months to come.”
~ Tamela Luce, Healthspark Foundation