Graphic Recording Gallery

Graphic recording (or scribing) visually documents concepts and highlights emerging links and patterns in a conversation. We gather content in real time as inputs or outcomes during sessions and presentations, to create rich and shareable pictures. You can read more about it here.
Pennsylvania Conference for Women, October 3, 2017. Headlined by Michelle Obama.

International Federation of Visual Practitioners Conference, Atlanta, June 26 2017
Boards from the Cheltenham TedX Talks, June 3, 2017. Each speaker had a different chart.
Spring 2017
Fair Districts PA Presentation, February 21, 2017
NBME Culture Co-Creation Workshop, November 29, 2016
Office of the Mayor's Shared Prosperity Anti-Poverty Summit, November 2016 (Tandem recording with Chrissie Bonner)
Assorted sketch notes