Graphic Recording Gallery

Photos from some of the events that featured our work this past year and a half.
National Aquarium Board Meeting
Baltimore, November 11, 2017
Teen Summit on Arts and Culture
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, November 9, 2017
Pennsylvania Conference for Women
October 3, 2017. Attended by 12,000 people at the Philadelphia Convention Center and headlined by Michelle Obama.

The Cheltenham TedX Talks
June 3, 2017. A different chart was created for each speaker, which they were able to take home after the event was over.
Spring 2017
A grab-bag of charts.
Fair Districts PA Presentation
February 21, 2017. I like to think my chart helped advance the challenge to gerrymandering that's now moving to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
NBME Culture Co-Creation Workshop
November 29, 2016
Philadelphia Office of the Mayor's Shared Prosperity Anti-Poverty Summit
November 2016 (Tandem recording with Chrissie Bonner)
Assorted sketch notes
Doodles created during talks and seminars.