About Graphic Recording

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Graphic recording, also called scribing, is a visual way to record and facilitate speaking events and meetings. First popularized on the West Coast, graphic recording has been growing in popularity. Graphic recorders work live, as the event happens, capturing key points and information with a combination of text and images. Working graphically is efficient and effective. Comprehension increases, participation increases, the quality of decision-making tends to increase. Working visually helps people more effectively see their circumstances, understand themselves and one another.
The ease of reproduction is another large benefit of working visually, particularly in the case of business meetings or settings where meeting minutes and summary notes are of prime importance. Most of the approaches that visual practitioners use do not require additional writing work … the minutes are literally created as we go. Other benefits include:

  • Increases Clarity And Comprehension (People Literally See What They Mean)
  • Boosts Learning For Visual And Kinesthetic Learners (Over 88% Of People)
  • Heightens Thinking Levels (Enables Higher Level Of Dialogue And Discussion)
  • Saves Time And Increases Efficiency By Reducing Repetition And Redundancy
  • Lowers Misunderstandings And Helps Resolve Conflict
  • Increases Quality Of Decisions And Understanding Of Commitments And Accountabilities
  • Shrinks The Need For Traditional Meeting Minutes And Reports (The Charts Become The Report)

Graphic recorders work at:

    • Planning & Visioning Forums
    • Leadership Retreats
    • Scenario Planning Meetings
    • Change Management Projects
    • Marketing / Branding / Identity / Positioning Meetings
    • Mediation / Conflict Management Sessions
    • Large Group Conferences / Summits
    • Keynote Addresses / Special Presentations
    • Curriculum Design / Workshops
    • Focus Groups
    • Brainstorming Sessions
    • Dialogue Sessions
    • Individual Coaching Retreats & Tele-Sessions

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