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Want your message to break through the noise?
Draw an audience with compelling visual storytelling!

Graphic recording live at your business or nonprofit speaking event inspires new levels of excitement and engagement. Graphic facilitation at your workshops and meetings leads to better problem solving. Hand-drawn infographics and animated whiteboard explainer videos make your information fun and easy to understand. Cartoon blog posts use humor to build your audience.

Meeting virtually? Visual engagement is more valuable than ever! Read more about how virtual graphic recording can change your online meetings from tedious to terrific.

We Do:

Philadelphia business infographic

Live, real-time drawing that captures events as they happen.

graphic recording Philadelphia

Delight your target audience with fun animated explainer videos.

non-profit infographic

Illustrated infographics bring your business or nonprofit's message to life.

visual storytelling

Want blog posts that get shared? Try a custom cartoon!

Graphic Recording At Your Next Conference, Seminar or Online Meeting

Graphic recorders use words and images, created in real time, to capture live events. By making the big ideas visual, graphic recording and facilitation increases engagement, opens the door to innovation and fuels organizational growth.

Grab Your Audience's Attention With An Animated Video

Our small size and wide skill set allows us to create warm and engaging explainer videos within your budget and your time frame.

Visual Thinking Workshops

Visual thinking is a tool anyone can learning to use! Our visual thinking workshops will show you and your team how to take visual notes and use visuals to enhance communication and brainstorming.
It's fun and useful-- and no drawing ability is necessary!

“Terry’s work was outstanding. Our event was very complex as we are an organization that focuses on saving lives through organ donation and transplantation. Terry was able to capture our presentations with ease and speed, something that I didn’t expect to be done so seamlessly. We will definitely use Terry’s services in the future.”

Ieesha Johnson, Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland

“Terry was very easy to work with. We had never used a graphic recorder for one of our meetings, and although the content was very technical, the attendees really enjoyed seeing Terry’s visual images of the presentations and conversations. Also, Terry’s services were affordable, and his follow up was immediate! We had our images by the end of the week.”

Katherine Masuch, Bristol Meyers-Squibb Foundation

“Thank you for the quick turnaround and the quick commitment to do this project. Your work is fun and captured the stories and ideas very well. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

Kate Ebner, CEO, The Nebo Foundation

“Terry, it was such a pleasure to meet on Friday, and we loved working with you! You made it so easy, and we love how you captured the day in such a powerful, informative, creative way, thank you, thank you! We’re grateful for this new partnership, and hope we’ll have the opportunity to work together again down the road.”

Dana M. Heiman, Brandywine Health Foundation

“It was a pleasure working with Terry, He is very organized, and a hard working individual. He did an incredible job of capturing the spirit of the day in creative illustrations. I highly recommend hiring Terry for your next event.”

Kevin Kirkwood, Netszch

“Terry took a very technical subject matter and was able to represent the major themes in a tangible, fun visual story. His presence didn’t distract from our conversation and the outcome has been used to brief our employees and customers on the key takeaway from the day.”

Steven Pepe, Oliver Healthcare

“Terry’s work brings people together for common mission and purpose. Art breaks down communication barriers and unites us. He excites and delights the room with his real-time ability to capture people’s emotions, words and thoughts. His work transforms an ordinary conference into a feast for the senses.”

Patty Cook, Dunleavy & Associates

“Terry’s work livens up an event for attendees and captures some of the big ideas for all. His illustrations are valuable both to make in-person experiences more dynamic and to help create lasting takeaways. We at Technical.ly consider him an important part of our strategy for making our events unique, memorable and impactful.”

Christopher Wink, Technical.ly

visual storytelling Philadelphia

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