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Want your message to break through the noise?
Draw an audience with compelling visual storytelling!

Graphic recording live at your business or nonprofit speaking event inspires new levels of excitement and engagement. Graphic facilitation at your workshops and meetings leads to better problem solving. Hand-drawn infographics and animated whiteboard explainer videos make your information fun and easy to understand. Cartoon blog posts use humor to build your audience.

Meeting virtually? Visual engagement is more valuable than ever! Read more about how virtual graphic recording can change your online meetings from tedious to terrific.

Philadelphia infographics

Our background allows us to offer a combination of services unlike anyone else.

Philadelphia infographic design

10 years of working with businesses and nonprofits and 30 years in professional cartooning means we deeply understand visual storytelling.

Creative Content = An Engaged Audience. We create visual solutions that surprise, delight and inform.

We Do:

Philadelphia business infographic

Live, real-time drawing that captures events as they happen.

graphic recording Philadelphia

Delight your target audience with fun animated explainer videos.

non-profit infographic

Illustrated infographics bring your business or nonprofit's message to life.

visual storytelling

Want blog posts that get shared? Try a custom cartoon!

Add Add Value and Engagement To Your Next Conference, Seminar or Online Meeting

Graphic recorders use words and images, created in real time, to capture live events. By making the big ideas visual, graphic recording and facilitation increases engagement, opens the door to innovation and fuels organizational growth.

Grab Your Audience's Attention With An Animated Video

Our small size and wide skill set allows us to create warm and engaging explainer videos within your budget and your time frame.

What Makes Visual Storytelling So Effective?

Visual storytelling uses both words and pictures equally to present a message. Using text and images together gets more of the brain involved in learning. It makes hard concepts easy to understand and interesting ones even more interesting.

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visual storytelling Philadelphia

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