Graphic Recording Gallery

Photos from some of the events that featured our work this past year and a half.
Since March of 2020, all our graphic recording events have been virtual.
APG Senior Leadership Cohort, April 20, 2021
An Army leadership training seminar.

Coalition of Urban Serving Universities, March 4, 2021
The Philadelphia Autism Project Virtual Conference, November 9-13
Drexel University’s Philadelphia Autism Project asked us to graphic record their virtual conference, a 5-day affair from November 9-13. We recorded 3 hour-long sessions each day and also created separate images to sum up the day’s theme. All the work was created as the sessions happened on Zoom and were also simultaneously live-streamed on the Autism Project’s Facebook page. You can seem more images here.
Promptworks Conference, July 22 2020
Department Event for Dunleavy & Associates, June 24, 2020
Dunleavy & Associates invited their staff to participate in a remote cooking class with The Courageous Cooking School, which is based in Julia Child's former house in France. The ingredients were shipped to the participants beforehand so they could follow along in their own kitchens and Breakthrough Visuals was there to record it.
Dare To Lead Seminar, May 21-22 2020 Virtual graphic recording for an online seminar
FAIMER's Global Health Matters Day, March 25, 2020  Virtuall graphic recording for an online conference. Read and see more here:

Summer-Fall 2019
#RealNOVA Conference, Northern Virginia Community College, November 20, 2019

Arch Street Presbyterian Church Retreat October 26, 2019
MidAtlantic Dairy Association Conference, November 7, 2019

ImageNATION ELC 19 Conference, October 21-22
Graphic summaries of workshops created live onsite at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Drexel English and Philosophy Department Retreat, September 19, 2019
Vision for the Future Conference
Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation, October 3, 2019
IFVP Conference, August 2019
Assorted sketchnotes